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Welcome to Dolphin Learning

At Dolphin Learning, we provide a safe and fun environment that fosters greater collaboration between teachers and parents, continuous feedback on students’ performance, always improving curriculum, and celebrate the individualism of the students that encourages and motivates students to achieve their maximum potential.

Our continuous learning programs

Reading & Writing

With more than 1000 books in our library and assignments for each book, our Reading & Writing program encourages kids to read and develop writing skills.


Our Math curriculum focuses on computational concepts, problem solving and critical thinking. Our teachers reinforce learning with consistence practice and examples of real world applications.

Test Preparation

Our individualized test preparation program with in-depth practice, associated homework, weekly evaluation, and proctored practice prepared each student to do their best in the test.


Our young kids learn phonics, letter recognition, and work formation. Our teachers pay individual attention to cognitive skill development,pattern matching, reading, and basic writing.

Subject Tutoring

Our subject tutoring helps students to do better in the class and get over any roadblock they may have in their school. Our goal is to help students to improve their grades and instill confidence.

Summer Program

We offer continuous learning with enriching summer workshops for creative writing, math and logic, and robotics. Students learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Who are we?

We offer comprehensive Reading & Writing, Math, and Pre-K program. We also offer individual subject tutoring, homework help, test preparation for SAT, ACT, GT, Magnet, and other standardize tests. We augment learning for students by hosting creative writing, problem solving, Abacus, and Robotics workshops.

Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment where student realize their full potential to excel in academics. We focus on individualized learning with at most 3 students per teacher in a classroom. We are a learning center to provide supplemental education and enrichment programs for preK-12 students.


Our mission is to provide a safe and fun learning environment, inperson and online, for each student to excel and achieve more.

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